Welcome to Orion Official Website!

Welcome to my awesome website!

I am so happy you are here :) I learned how to edit html and css and now I am unstoppable so watch out.

This website is just a fun little thing for myself, but you are welcome and encouraged to enjoy it with me! I plan on having lots of awesome pages in here, all dedicated to things I enjoy, so stay tuned for new awesome windows into my twisted mind. Thanks for stopping by :)

About Me

My name is Orion!! That's pronounced "oh-RYE-uhn," like the guy up in the sky :) You can also call me Rion or Ri if you'd like. I use he/they pronouns!

I like a lot of things! You will see above that I have several pages dedicated to the things I love most. Feel free to look around :)

Besides the stuff you can find on this site, here are some things about me!


Color: lime green and orange :)
Seasons: summer and autumn
Foods: sweet chili and meatball parm
Drinks: apple juice and chocolate milk
Candies: Nerds Gummy Clusters and Reese's Take 5
Desserts: apple pecan pie and rocky road ice cream
Animals: armadillos and ospreys
Hobbies: working on my Neocities and studying Mandarin
Sports teams: the Philadelphia Flyers and Phillies

Fun Facts

• My sun sign is Cancer
• My height is 5'6" (~167cm)
• I don't like movies very much
• I like sweets :) in case it was not clear lol
• I'm really good at building/fixing things big and small
• I grew up playing sports and watching video game let's plays
• I like to do picture cross puzzles
• I can remember anything I learn, but can't remember to do things
• I used to be scared of rodents/rabbits but not anymore

Twitch Info

You may be aware that I am a "STREAMER" on "TWITCH." This is cool.

Our hiatus should end "soon" assuming I stop being so busy lol stay tuned!

Can't make it in the live? Not a fan of the current game? That's okay :) I have a VODs channel on Youtube that may be of interest to you. There you can see all past streams in full whenever you'd like.

Still not seeing what you like? Join the Discord (16+) and you can suggest something you want to see me do next!

Hope to see you soon :)

Do YOU like cats? orange ones? ROUND ones?

Go ahead and click on the "Stanley" tab to look at awesome pictures of my cat :)

a little green bird made of pixels jumping

and BTW this is Rocky.


"orion is one of the nicest and most delightful people to be around that i know and i feel so happy that fate twisted in such a way that we get to be such wonderful friends :)"
- Jay

"you’re sick in the head"
- Smiley

"hes my friend but hes also unbelievably fucked up and twisted."
- Mikey

"You're very wise and measured and full of sense and good advice but at the same time you're just a silly little guy"
- Maebh

"he is a cool guy and i love him but he lied to his fans about grilling so i can never forgive him"
- Jasper

"That zuma gameplay was horrendous"
- YouTube commenter wherezwolf


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